Peer-Review Policy

The journal implements the peer review policy as a means to ensure the quality of the publication in the journal. The peer-review process consists of initial review, single-blind review, and the decision by the editor. 

Initial Review : The editor evaluates the submitted manuscript to determine if the content is suitable for the journal. The manuscript is also subjected to a similarity check procedure to identify any indication of plagiarism. Manuscripts with contents that are not suitable for the journal or with a high percentage of similarity will be returned immediately to the author(s). The plagiarism policy of Mudra Journal aligns with Kemristekdikti's regulations, permitting a maximum similarity of 25%

Peer Review : Submitted manuscripts that have passed the initial review are subjected to single-blind review, where both authors and reviewers remain anonymous during the review process. Minimum of two reviewers are assigned to evaluate and provide the recommendation for a manuscript. In assigning the reviewers, the editor is responsible to avoid the conflict of interest during the review process. 

Decision : The editor makes the final decision on the acceptability of a manuscript based on the comments and recommendation of the reviewers.