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Tainan National University of the Arts
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Made Mantle Hood is professor of ethnomusicology, Chair of the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology and Director of the Asia-Pacific Music Research Centre at the Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan. He serves as Chair (2021-2025) of the ICTM PASEA study group. His previous posts were at Universiti Putra Malaysia (2012–2018), Melbourne University, Australia (2011–2012) and Monash University, Australia (2005–2011). His current research interests include ontologies of sounded movement, endangered forms of vocalisation, tuning systems as well as music and social justice. He is currently the lead researcher in the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology-funded project, Towards the Sustainability of Vocal Heritage in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia (2019–2021). He is the author of Triguna: A Hindu-Balinese philosophy for gamelan gong gede music (2010) and co-editor of Music: Ethics and the community (2015).