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Archaeology and ancient history, epigraphy, performing arts, Javanese and Balinese wayang South and Southeast Asia, particularly Java and Bali
PhD under the supervision of E.M. Uhlenbeck
Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at Leiden University, Hedi Hinzler began her career studying the archaeology and ancient history of Southeast Asia with Sanskrit, Old Javanese and Cultural Anthropology as secondary subjects at the University of Leiden. She also took private lessons from senior Balinese scholar, Christiaan Hooykaas. Hinzler taught archaeology, ancient history, epigraphy, performing arts and contemporary art of Southeast Asia at Leiden University until 2007.  Concentrating on Bali, she has conducted fieldwork in various parts of South and Southeast Asia since 1972. Author and co-author of scores of books and scholarly articles on Southeast Asian, Indonesian and Balinese studies she is an authority on a number of diverse subjects. She is currently researching wayang puppet theatre and the diets of ancient and modern Balinese and Javanese.