Aims and Scope

The journal presents as a medium to share knowledge and understanding art, culture, and design in the area of regional, national, and international levels.

The journal accommodates articles from research, creation, and study of art, culture, and design without limiting authors from a variety of disciplinary/interdisciplinary approaches such as art criticism, art anthropology, history, aesthetics, sociology, art education, and other contextual approaches.

Lekesan is dedicated as a scientific dialectic vehicle that accommodates quality original articles covering the development of knowledge about art, ideas, concepts, phenomena originating from the results of scientific research, creation, presentation of fine arts, performing arts and new media from researchers, artists, academics, and students covering areas of study:

  1. Performing Arts: dance, puppetry, ethnomusicology, music, theater,performing arts education, performing arts management
  2. Fine Arts: fine arts, sculpture, craft art, fine arts education,fine arts management, including new media arts
  3. Design: interior design, graphic communication design, fashion design,product design, accessories and/or jewelry design
  4. Recording Media : photography, film, television, documentary, video art, animation,game
  5. Culture : linguistic, architecture, verbal tradition, as well as other communal tradition

The object of research is explored in a variety of topics that are unique, relevant, and contextual with environmental and sustainability aspects, local wisdom, humanity and safety factors. In addition to that, the topic of research needs to be original, creative, innovative, excellence, and competitive.