Faktor Penunjang Pertunjukan Musik: Input, Proses, dan Output

  • Ovan Bagus Jatmika Progam Studi Musik, Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta


This research is intended to examine the supporting factors in improving the quality of musical performances. The method used is qualitative and the research data are done through library research. I conclude that a performance is considered to have ideal conditions if it involves three elements that support each other in the process towards the end of musical execution on stage. All the three are input, process, and output. Input is an aspect that affects individuals from an early age in terms of musical skills. Input is said to be ideal if the environment in which individuals live is able to provide musical stimuli, emerge emotional ties with individuals, be able to form internal motivation, have a good learning curriculum, and is supported by external motivation (teachers and parents). Process is a matter related to effective and efficient practice in preparing for a performance. It is said to be ideal if the individual can master two things, namely technical play and musical interpretation. Output is a condition of maximizing the quality of the exercise that has been done in the 'process' stage by playing from memory. Playing with memory involves three memory models namely aural, visual, and kinesthetic. These three elements (input, process, and output) are expected to improve the quality of the performance. The intended form of quality improvement is the formation of two-way communication or dialogue between the player and the audience. Players convey the musical content of their interpretation of the work being played, while the audience responds to the standard measure of musical, visual and gestural norms that they have/believe in.
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